Complete Guide to Utilizing Internal Linking for SEO

{jistoc} $title={Table of Contents} What are Internal Links? Internal links are links that connect between pages on your website. These links are used to find certain pages or content on a website by both website visitors and search engines. Website visitors use these links to search for the content they are looking for on a … Read more

Simple SEO Meta Tags Guide for Beginners

As an SEO activist, of course, you have to understand very well what meta tags are, and how to apply them properly. Meta tags are code snippets that are useful for telling search engines about important information from a web page. Meta tags help you tell Google how they should display your web page in … Read more

7 Benefits of Blogs for Business

It’s time for you to consider the benefits of blogs to support your business. Starting from consistently increasing website traffic to attracting new customers and building loyalty with current customers. Utilizing a blog is one of the most important content marketing strategies to do when you are running digital marketing. Here are seven benefits of … Read more

How to Fix Duplicate Meta Tags

Meta tags are an important component in creating site content. This component will not directly affect the position of your site in Google search results. However, in the meta description, apart from the meta title and the title of your site is the first thing someone sees when reading search results. Meta tags are important … Read more

The Complete Guide to Off-Page SEO

Do you feel like you’ve been trying hard to optimize your content, but you are still struggling to rank high on Google? If so, maybe the reason is that you haven’t practiced off-page SEO well. Basically, SEO can be divided into two: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Many think that off-page SEO is synonymous with … Read more

What is On-Page SEO and how to optimize it

You have determined the desired keywords to rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). You also have created interesting content to put on your web pages. Then the next question is, how to optimize the web page so that Google displays your page on the first page of its search? The answer is on-page … Read more

How To Improve Digital Marketing Communication Skills

Improving communication skills can provide many benefits. A person may have a brilliant idea or an extraordinary plan. However, if you are not able to convey it properly and effectively, then the results obtained will not be maximal Adequate communication skills can help you to achieve various goals effectively. On this occasion, we will discuss … Read more