Easy Ways to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

Easy Ways to Increase Your Website's Domain Authority

Perhaps you came across this article in hopes of increasing the Domain Authority score of your website. If that’s your goal, then you are in the right article.

But before that, there are a few things you need to consider before deciding to increase your website’s DA score.

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Why Do You Want To Improve Your DA Score?

Maybe this question is quite strange, but you need to remember that domain authority is not part of the ranking factor of the Google algorithm and will not have any influence on your website’s disbursement ranking.

Domain authority is just a metric designed as an indicator of a website’s success in establishing authority over the competition with other websites.

Therefore, domain authority is not something you need to fix to increase your search ranking.

A website that has a high DA score will indeed be better than a website that has a low DA score.

The desire to increase the website’s DA score is not a mistake. But, don’t make getting a high DA score the ultimate goal of your SEO strategy.

It would be a mistake to be too obsessed with increasing your DA score and forget that the real end goal of your SEO strategy is to bring quality organic traffic to your website.

As a result, even if you later succeed in increasing the DA score of your website, your business or brand will not reap any benefits from the strategy you run.

What Are the Uses of Domain Authority?

If increasing DA scores can’t help improve search rankings, then what is the real use of DA?

Domain authority is an excellent metric to understand the competitive level of your website. By knowing your website’s DA and competitor’s websites, you can measure how much effort you need to expend to rank for certain keywords.

For example, your website has a DA score of 30, and you find that the average DA score of competitor websites on the keywords you want to target is 25.

From that information, it is safe to conclude that getting a ranking on these keywords will not be too difficult.

Conversely, if you find that the average DA score of your competitor’s website is 80, then you should go back to doing keyword research and look for other target keywords first while building traffic and authority from your website.

How to Increase Website Domain Authority

Now you understand what domain authority actually is.

While you don’t need to focus on increasing your DA score, some of the ways below can help you increase your website’s DA score while improving the overall performance of your SEO strategy.

1. Get high-authority links

DA is not a ranking factor of Google’s search algorithm. However, the number and quality of links that your website gets are some of the most important factors for Google’s algorithm in determining search rankings.

Plus, getting links with high authority can also increase your DA score.

2. Reduce spammy links

Moz has its own metric called Spam Score which is useful for detecting spammy links on your website. The more spam links your website gets, the harder it will be for your website to increase its DA score.

In addition, Google also does not want websites that appear in its search results to be filled with spammy links.

3. Get a large traffic contributor link

Getting a link from a page or website that has a lot of traffic is good for your website’s performance because it will show that your page is relevant to the content on the website linking your page.

So, it would be better if you focus on getting some links from websites that have a lot of traffic rather than focusing on the number of links without paying attention to the quality.


It is actually possible to manipulate your website’s DA score in ‘instant’ ways, for example by buying links. But the question you must answer before doing so is, what result do you want to achieve?

Increasing your DA score by instant means will not help your website to have a better performance, sometimes it even has the potential to be detrimental as a result of getting a penalty from Google.

Therefore, focus on running off-page SEO through some of the ways above, and only use the DA score as a reference metric for the efforts you have made.